There have been 22 Bond movies so far.

Here are my thoughts and a synopsis of each movie:

dr_no_poster.jpg (205000 bytes) #1 - Dr. No (1962)

The first Bond movie. Well noted for the Astin-Martin with its oil slick, missiles and ejector seat. And very well remembered by Ursula Andress and her white bikini. You will also notice Jack Lord before his Hawaii 5-0 TV show days.

fromrussia_poster.jpg (253000 bytes) #2 - From Russia With Love (1963)

Probably my least favorite.

goldfinger_poster.jpg (276000 bytes) #3 - Goldfinger(1964)

The best name for a Bond girl, Pussy Galore. You would think that name would be found in an Austin Powers movie. Odd Job, the Japanese butler with the frisbee derby, is the evil henchman. And the famous line by Otto Goldfinger, as a laser beam is moving its way to 007's family jewels, "No Mister Bond, I expect you to die....". Shirley Bassey sings the title song.

thunderball_poster.jpg (169000 bytes) #4 - Thunderball (1965)

Tom Jones sings the title song, very groovy baby. A sexy actress playing Dominique.

twice_poster.jpg (156000 bytes) #5 - You Only Live Twice (1967)

This is the famous fake volcano in Japan movie. I actually saw this in a downtown Chicago movie theatre with my brother Don, and dad Casey. Nancy Sinatra sings the title song.

hermajesty_poster.jpg (159000 bytes) #6 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

When Sean Connery needed a break, the made this movie without him, putting Georeg Lazenby in as our favorite secret agent. Evil dude was Telly Savalas, in a Swiss mountain resort. Never carried for this isolated portrayal of 007 like many other fans. Diana Rigg is the girl in this one, and they actually get married in the end. But then he becomes a widow.

diamonds are forever.jpg (4482 bytes) #7 - Diamonds are Forever (1971)

Sean Connery is back again. The best car chase scene in history to that point in Las Vegeas, in that orange Mustang MACH-1. Of course, very memorable also for Jill St. John in her baby doll nighie, and that maroon bikini on the oil rig. Lana Wood, who plays Plenty O'Toole, is killed early. She is Natalie Wood's younger sister I think. Shirley Bassey sings the title track.

live_poster.jpg (168000 bytes) #8 - Live And Let Die (1973)

Roger Moore takes over as 007. Jane Seymour is introduced here as Solitaire. That evil guy who did the 7-Up soda commercials of the early 1970's is here too, as a vodoo doctor. And you have the Paul McCartney title song.

golden_gun.jpg (111000 bytes) #9 - The Man With the Golden Gun (1975)

Christopher Lee, the famous vampire actor, is the lead villain here. Britt Ekland is looky very sexy in this one too as Honey xxxx. The brunette girl in this one is Maud Adams who later shows up in Octopussy 8 years later. Tatoo, from Fantasy Island, is always getting in the way of James Bond. Lulu sings the title song.

spy_poster.jpg (179000 bytes) #10 - The Spy Who Loved Me(1977)

Barbara Back was the Russian agent, who's boyfriend was killed by 007 at the beginning of the movie. She is one of the all-time sexy 007 girls. This is also the one where Jaws, Richard Kiel, chases them. A very cool scene of the pyramids, and Pharoah's Temple in this movie. Carly Simon sings the title track.

moonraker_poster.jpg (144000 bytes) #11 - Moonraker (1979)

They used the futuristic models of the Space Shuttle in this one, 4 years before one ever flies into space. Another great name, Dr. Holly Goodhead, for the female lead played by Lois Chiles, very sexy. Also briefly, Corrine Clery is seen at the beginning of the movie until she is killed. She was the erotic star of the "Story of O", a French film cult classic from 1975. Ad bunch of guys in the dorm went to see this most excellent flick. Shirley Bassey signs the title track.

for your eyes only.jpg (3284 bytes) #12 - For Your Eyes Only (1981)

One of the best Bond songs, Sheena Easton (only 20 yrs old) singing the title song, with her silhoutte behind the credits. Holly Lynn Johnson as the cute ice skater (only 20 yrs old) is ery memorable. Never was thrilled with that skinny Greek leading lady though.

octopussy_poster.jpg (133000 bytes) #13 - Octopussy (1983)

Maud Adams returns to play the leading character. Lots of scenery of India here. That blonde seductress is also in this one, in a harem outfit. Rita Coolidge sings the title track, "All Time High".

viewkill_poster.jpg (161000 bytes) #14 - View To A Kill (1985)

Roger Moore's last film as 007. Tanya Roberts is one of the prettiest Bond girls, playing Stacey Sutton, but she had a strange voice. She just finished a season of Charlie's Angels and that sexy Sheena movie before this. Famous scenes of the Golden Gate Bridge in this one. Also of Grace Jones parachuting of the Eiffel Tower. Duran Duran signs the title track.

daylights.jpg (99000 bytes) #15 - The Living Daylights (1987)

First film with Timothy Dalton as Bond. Two very athletic females in this one, but none of the old time love interests for Bond.

license_kill_poster.jpg (84000 bytes) #16 - Licensed to Kill (1989)

Last file with Timothy Dalton as Bond. Maryam d'Abo plays the blonde Russian Viola player. Gladys Knight sings the title song.

goldeneye_poster.jpg (159000 bytes) #17 - Golden Eye (1995)

Tina Turner signs the title song. After 6 years, they finally make another Bond film. And Pierce Brosnan definitely was a good choice.

tomorrow_poster.jpg (186000 bytes) #18 - Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Teri Hatcher is the Bond girl in this one, from that Superman TV series. Also notable in this movie, is that Q passes on his tech gadgets dept to John Cleese of Monty Python fame. He died soon after the movie opened. Cheryl Crow sings the title track.

world_is_not_enough_poster.gif (21000 bytes) #19 - The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Sophie Marceau is the female lead, very nice. Denise Richards should have gotten more camera time, very sexy, but not much skin. Submarines, oil pipelines, nuclear weapons in this one. I like that Bond family crest which says "The World Is Not Enough". This comes from the xxxxx film, where George Lazenby plays a genealogist, and he talks about the Bond crest.

die_another_day_poster.jpg (45000 bytes) #20 - Die Another Day (2002)

Not yet out. Madonna sings the title song. Halle Berry as Jinx, is the love interest here.

die_another_day_poster.jpg (45000 bytes) #21 - Casino Royale (2006)

New blonde Bond.

die_another_day_poster.jpg (45000 bytes) #22 - Quantum of Solace (2009)

Boring, dark.

Other non-official James Bond movies made:

Casino Royale (1967)

This was the one with Woody Allen as Jimmy Bond, and David Niven as James Bond. There are a couple of cute "chicks" in this movie. It is on the silly side of secret agent moview. Peter Sellers also plays 007 here. And Ursula Andress shows up too. Other sexy actresses here too. How plays Miss Goodthights ?

Never Say Never Again (1983)

Sean Connery portrays an aging James Bond in this one. I believe this is Kim Basinger's first movie. Her long blonde hair is very lovely. It looks basically, like a remake of Thunderball though. Barbara Carrera is the evil female agent, Fatima Blush.

Here are some favorite James Bond girls:
Dr. No ursula_dr_no.jpg (61000 bytes)Ursula Andress (aka Honey Wilder)
From Russia With Love tatiana_russia.jpg (80000 bytes)Daniela Bianchi (aka Tatiana Romanova)
Goldfinger jill_goldfinger.jpg (108000 bytes)Shirley Eaton (aka Jill Masterson)
You Only Live Twice kissy_suzuki.jpg (74000 bytes)Mie Hama (aka Kissy Suzuki)
Diamonds Are Forever tiffany_sexy1.jpg (71000 bytes)Jill St. John (aka Tiffany Case) tiffany_sexy2.jpg (65000 bytes)Jill St. John (aka Tiffany Case) jill_st_john_diamond.gif (16000 bytes)Jill St. John (aka Tiffany Case)
Let And Let Die solitaire.jpg (49000 bytes)Jane Seymour (aka Solitaire)
Man With The Golden Gun britt ekland 007.jpg (34000 bytes)Britt Ekland (aka Mary Goodnight) britt_sexy.jpg (60000 bytes)Britt Ekland (aka Mary Goodnight)
The Spy Who Loved Me barbara bach 007.jpg (45000 bytes)Barbara Bach (aka Anya Amasova) bach1.jpg (54000 bytes)Barbara Bach (aka Anya Amasova)
Moonraker goodhead1.jpg (79000 bytes)Lois Chiles (aka Dr. Holly Goodhead) corinne_moonraker.jpg (73000 bytes)Corinne Clery (aka Corinne Dufour)
For Your Eyes Only malena_youreyesonlyd.jpg (62000 bytes)Carole Bouquet (aka Malena Havelock) bibi.jpg (75000 bytes)Lynn-Holly Johnson (aka Bibi Dahl)
Octopussy maud octopussy.jpg (44000 bytes)Maud Adams (aka Octopussy) octopussy_magda.jpg (46000 bytes)Kristina Wayborn (aka Magda)
View To A Kill stacey1.jpg (83000 bytes)Tanya Roberts (aka Stacey Sutton) stacey2.jpg (67000 bytes)Tanya Roberts (aka Stacey Sutton)
Tomorrow Never Dies michelle yeoh 007.jpg (42000 bytes)Michelle Yeoh (aka Wai Lin) teri 007.jpg (32000 bytes)Teri Hatcher (aka Paris Carver) paris2.jpg (65000 bytes)Teri Hatcher (aka Paris Carver)
The World Is Not Enough sophie_marceau.jpg (99000 bytes)Sophie Marceau (aka Elektra King) denise_richards.jpg (8000 bytes)Denise Richards (aka Dr. Christmas Jones)
Die Another Day halle.jpg (30000 bytes)Halle Berry (aka Jinx)

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